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24 track way

24 track way is a platform for life tracking devices – further more its a system and a platform integrated for tracking devices for locating  locations through satellites so they could help business owners and mangers of automobile fleets and even  personal automobile and makes there life easier .

24 track way was made for making  improving  despite the other systems in the market with other fetchers  with the a new update Avery month .

24 tack way gives you the ability to know Avery detail and movements of your automobile and follow it directly on the map 24 hours strait every day of the week .


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24 trackway is free on play store


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tracking GPS devices

there is a lot of types of tracking devices through satellites which is used in a wide range these days some are used on cars and some are used on filets and some are even used for elderly and children for safety and many other uses

mini GPS - GPS tracking

a miniature tracking device suitable for all uses and doesn’t need any Installations


GPS tracking -cars plug and play

a device for automobile it can be connected and disconnected easily and through it you can monitor fuel consumption and when the engine stops and turns on


GPS tracking -cars professional tracking

a device for automobile that is connected permanently for watching and protecting the automobile from robbers and it has a back up  battery just in case


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