24 trackway

24 track way is a platform for GPS live tracking. fully integrated system for GPS and car tracking though Satellite. Helping transportation industry and fleet management system to control their resources easily.

allow monitoring drivers and daily operation is accurate and fast.  24 trackway with enhanced  features for tracking GPS devices with different types of reports that can generated automatically on periodic basis.

24 trackway can retrieve your device history with path track simulation on real time or on virtual time with different speed on actual road map.

20+ Years of experience

24 trackway working with professional teams from GPS and communication engineers to achieve best reliability and performance.

using Cloud solutions with distributed system for extendibility and availability of system resources.

24 trackway support team are working to insure of system efficient and tracking reliability of the system.

Software and UX engineers working continually to improve the user experience and adding new features.

currently we have local representing office in USA & Saudi arabica and Egypt.

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Sales Sales Manager
Sales team is distributed over different countries and working directly with partners to customers satisfaction
MarketingMarketing Manager
Marketing department working on long and short term Marketing plan. over different Media and online.
Partner Manager
Partner ManagerPartner Manager
Partners Department Manager working with partners in different areas and sizes
Help & support
Help & supportSupport Maanger
Support on two different levels
1) advanced support level
2) direct customer support

Why  (24 track way) ?

Our clients is our success partners and our distributers are the main arms.

24 Trackway provide professional advanced services for GPS tracking with good user experience.

  • easily use of advanced options

  • professional service with reasonable price

  • Technical support and consultation  servcies

  • continues improving and development for Maintenance management and drivers variolations

  • specials offers through our partners


تجارب وشهادات العملاء

person gps tracking

لقد ساتخدمنا 24trackway لمدة سنتين حتي الان ووجدنا من فريق العمل الاهتمام بالتحسينات التي نقترحها ومساعدتنا في انشاء انواع التقارير المختلفه التي نطلبها .
ونسعد بالستمرار بعهم للسنه الثالثه علي التوالي
مدير ادارة النقل
يوليو 2021

شركة توزيع, نقل البضائع
gps tracking female

من الجميل ان تجد من يهتم براي العميل بشكل فعلي ومن يساعدك في تحسين اداء فريقك .. شكرا 24 تراك واي
مدير التشغيل

توصيل و تسليم الطلبات, توصيل الطلبات
person gps tracking

كانت هناك العديد من مشاكل السائقين عدم ضبط المواعيد واستهلاك زائد للوقود وكذلك الكثير من شكاوي اولياء الامور حول السرعة .. ولكن بعد استخدام 24trackway (GPS tracking)
تم حل هذه المشاكل واصبحت بالفعل تحت السيطرة والتحكم من فريق المراقبة والجوده .
شكرا فريق عمل 24trackway

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