the tracking  platform has a lot of personal and financial and social benefits like 

some benefits of tracking devices on a personal level :
1 – not having to worry about your car being stolen
2 – avoiding your car being  stolen and the lose of money through the ability to stop the car through the web
3 – reassurance of the car drive line
4 – saving Remnants money through watching the speed of the car
5 – saving fuel through seeing the shortest way
how to control fuel consumption and not waste it :
  • if your responsible about Management of a filet of automobile , then you must be thinking  of looking for new ways  to improve  the performance and lower your expenses  and that’s because the great expenses that’s needed to run a filet
  • now you can stop looking  for ways to lower your filet expenses that’s because  24 trackway allows you to track your filet and run it more easily and that’s the best way to lower your expenses and improve your performance
  • most filet mangers after insulting this system they saw a great improvement in the performance and a decrees in the expenses
some of the importance of the tracking system :
  • the system allows toles that helps  the speed production through increasing the speed of  responding  and diction making in which the mangers have updates that gives them the location of the car with extreme Accuracy and gives them the shortest distance for there distention and gives them the ability to know if the driver is using the car for personal use
  • the system gives the user a lot of warnings
problems that occur that consume more fuel:
  • one of the spatulates of tracking system its detecting the speed of the automobile , and According to the energy overalls of America and its one of the most founders of energy in the world , the exitance of high speed is one of the biggest reasons of wasting fuel , where going over 60 miles an hour increases the fuel price by 50 cent a galloon , after awhile you see that every one wants save up money , there could be around 23% saving yearly in the fuel costs
  • the system detects the amount of time the automobile stops and the engine is running  , if the car is running in its place for more than 10 seconds then it consumes more fuel than starting the car form the beginning and here comes the importance of system in which it allows the manger to see in great detail the time it took the car to stop and that helps the drivers to be more efficient and that could save the company a lot of money through saving fuel money and couldn’t happen if the amount of information wasn’t acquired that is the greatness of the system
Specifications of tracking hardware :
  • Specify the location through the GPS with extreme accuracy
  • sending information from the automobile through the GSM using the internet
  • small in size – Easy to install and could be put in any place in the automobile and  it works with the car battery
  • it could be controlled from a far through the website form any place in the world using the internet
  • the car engine can be stopped at any place in the world with just a click of a button
Specification tracking software :
  • easy to use and build modern data bass that can absorb the greatest amount of information and data
  • you can add the amount of users that you want and give every one there on authority
  • the system works with any number of automobile under the name of one user
  • registration every piece  of information in the automobile device through reports
  • communications between the system and the device through secret numbers to insure your safety
  • the system is completely safe  using the most advance  software  in the world market now